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Being Mushroom104: You've found the portal

I'm an only child. There is a new yahoo group for only children and parents and spouses, etc. of only children to discuss issues related to being an only child. Please join if you are interested.

Click here to join onlykidsclub
Click to join onlykidsclub

My Journal is now FRIENDS ONLY

Hummmmmm let's see.....I'm a horribly boring person. I can't imagine why you are even reading this, but you are so I guess I will humor you. I have a B.A. in Anthropology with a minor in Economics from UNCG, which basically qualifies me to be an administrative assistant. I recently received a certificate in medical assisting with an emphasis on medical transcription from CPCC. I'm not doing anything with it at the moment. No, I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

I'm an agnostic, child free, democrat, and a goth. I'm open minded and get along with most anyone who does not push their beliefs on others. If you can't respect the beliefs of others then don't add me. I don't often pontificate, mostly I just whine about daily stuff....but I like to thrown in some amusing and thoughtful stuff on occasion.

If I have removed you from my friend's list it's because:
1. I have never met you and we never communicate on here anyway.
2. I do know you but you never/rarely post in your journal or comment in mine, and I just don't see the point of keeping you on a list you probably don't want to be on anyway.

It isn't personal. I'm not a collector. I add people either because I know them and want to keep in touch, or because I don't know them and find them interesting and want to know more. I am keeping some people on here who don't post but who I know like to keep up with me even though they don't like to post in their own journals. If I've deleted you and you are one of those people and I just don't realize it please let me know.

In case you are curious, my name is Mushroom104 because a friend of mine in college decided to name what vegetable or fruit each of his friends reminded him of. He decided I was a mushroom b/c I'm short and had long wavy hair (like a mushroom cap) at the time. I don't have a love for mushrooms. Actually, I can't stand eating them. 104 is a former street address.

I also have a page here:
But I prefer blogging here at LiveJournal.

I'm also at LibaryThing as Mushroom104.